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Tip #1: How Fresh Is The Food?
Life's Abundance
Super Fresh Home Delivery
Our foods are
always Super
Fresh because we
do not sell through
Mega Chain Stores.
In fact, we make
National Brands
Most brands of
food are sold in
the mass
market and
stored multiple
times before
Pet Food Warehouse
Tip #2: What Kind of Customer Support Is There?
most store employees will be
something like...

"We sell a lot of this one" or "This food
is on sale right now".

This leaves you as much in the dark
as when you started. Remember, your
pet eats the same thing every day. It is
important to know what you are
Dr Jane Bicks
One of the
hallmarks of our
holistic pet food
company is the
level of education
you will receive
when looking for
the right food for
your pet.
Customer Support
Ever wonder
what food is
right for your
pet? The typical
response you
will get from
Tip #3: What Is The Product Variety?
We Only Make The Best
with nothing less than
top quality ingredients. 
Life's Abundance for
dogs and cats is
Most pet food companies make
several varieties to capture your
business and your budget.

Consider the mixed message that
is being sent by these competing
products made by the same
*Which food is better?
*If one is an improvement over the
other, why hasn't the old food been
*Why should I pay more for one if
both are supposed to be good for
my dog?
*Is this just clever marketing?
Our philosophy is simple. People who
love their pets will naturally want to feed
them what is best, not what is cheapest.
Lifes Abundance
All Stages Of Life Formula
formulated to meet the requirements for
All Stages of life.
Dog Food
has never been involved in a single
Much of that has to do with the first rate
ingredients, the clean manufacturing
facilities, and the fresh delivery
practices that we use.

While tainted ingredients from cheap
sources is a constant threat, there is
also an ongoing issue of unacceptable
ingredients that pet owners need to be
aware of.
Made In The USA
Tip #4: Who Can I Trust To Feed My Pet?
Pet Food Recall
In March 2007, our
nation experienced
the single largest
recall of pet food
ever. It was the
Deadliest In
History.  More
than 100 brands of pet foods were
pulled off the shelves due to tainted
ingredients. Thousands of pets were
sickened (the FDA received more
than 17,000 reports) and an
estimated 20% died.
small frequent batches of food to ensure
freshness. Your pet food will never be old.
Most orders are delivered before the food
is even 6 weeks old and there are no
you buy them. In fact, it is not
uncommon to find pet foods that are
already 6 months to 1 year old by the
time you buy them. How nutritious do
you think your pet food will be after
sitting around in semi trucks and
multiple warehouses?
Dr. Jane Bicks is the exclusive
formulator of our pet product line and
makes herself available on her monthly
Tuesday call at 8:30pm EST for a LIVE

Just dial 206-402-0100 pin 224012#
Could euthanized dogs and cats actually be in my pets food?
Press play to view this revealing video.
Bottom Line: You've Got Nothing To Lose By Trying
We hope you'll agree with us that choosing your pets food is an important decision.
After all, your pet will eat what's in his dish 95%-100% of the time, so a little bit of
something bad, can amount to a big problem.
Our goal is to inform pet owners that there are healthier options out there. We intend
to help pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives, while revolutionizing an industry
that is in need of a change.
Watch More Videos...
Watch Our Videos
Life's Abundance
National Brands
Life's Abundance
National Brands
Life's Abundance
National Brands
Proudly made in the 
USA. Dr. Bicks has
been formulating
Life's Abundance
since 1999 which
A Home Based Business
You Can Believe In
Watch This Video...
Home Business Opportunity
• Help Millions of Pets
• Earn a Residual Income
• No Experience Needed
• No Tech Skills Required
• Complete Turn Key System
How Can I Feed The
Best For FREE?
Dr Jane Bicks
from one pet
food to
another is a
good place to
start.  If you
see negative
like by-
corn, wheat, glutens, bone meal,
and other less than optimal
ingredients, you can safely eliminate
that product from your consideration.

But, what about pet foods whose
labels don't look too bad?  That is
why we have assembled some of the
most important things to consider
when comparing any food to Life's
Abundance without the need to
become an "ingredient expert".
Don't risk getting Old, Spoiled,
or Damaged food from the Pet
Life's Abundance is shipped to
your door for less than the cost
of the drive to the pet store.. 
Use our pet food calculators for
estimated pricing.
Good Nutrition Is
Cheaper Than You Think
Dog Food
Cat Food
Pet Food Calculator
Compare Dog Food and Cat Food
The Top 4 Buying Tips
Comparing pet foods can be a
nearly impossible challenge. 
With literally 100's of food
choices on the market.  So how
can you know which food is best
for your pet?

Consider these buying tips
before choosing any brand other
than Life's Abundance
The short film above was filmed by the same production company who chronicled our
story for an upcoming feature segment on Larry King’s In View, a new show on The
Discovery Channel. No other video has captured the spirit of our company as well as
this documentary. In it, you’ll learn about the principal people behind our company’s
efforts, the precision with which we bring safe and effective products to the
marketplace, and the compassionate mindset that has helped us maintain
unmatched customer loyalty in the pet industry.
What Makes Life's Abundance Different?
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